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We view communities as partners - we share a common commitment to enhance the social fabric and add value to residents.

We bring governments, First Nations communities, design firms and elite talents together with Canada’s top-tier investors. Comfortably navigating the complexity of collaboration isn’t just a necessity, but the critical skill to bring a truly visionary project to life.

Who we are

Our experience leading some of Western Canada’s most significant commercial projects allows us to look beyond the physical and see the vitality buildings can bring to spaces and peoples lives.


Gord Wylie


Twenty-five years in the real estate industry have broadened Gord’s expertise in many ways — from urban design and planning, to leasing and development, to management and construction.

He has acted as the owner’s representative for major pension funds and served as a development consultant for private investors.

He has completed numerous complex landmark and innovative projects, including market leading retail, mixed-use, office, industrial, and residential developments. As a result, he understands market dynamics, functional design, project economics, and financial underwriting.

This knowledge helps him see potential from a high level and swiftly act on a plan.

Jeff Brown

Executive Vice President

Jeff has played key roles in the real estate world since 2005, with experience in many facets of the industry, including development and property management.

He’s been responsible for the design, approval, and delivery of over 2 million square feet of retail and offce properties, and he has led project teams responsible for envisioning the long-term success of large-scale, mixed-use masterplan developments.

He thinks on his feet, and has big ideas for the future of communities.

An urban environment embraces variety, walkability and vibrancy. We choose projects that celebrate this lifestyle.

Partnering With Integrity.

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55,000sf. Office Building
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Past Projects


Our team lead all aspects of the develpment and concept envisioning on this 4.7 million square foot mix-used masterplan.


Our team lead the development and construction of this 1.2 million square foot shopping center.


Our team provided development management assistance on this 384,000 square foot AAA office project.

Sharing Values, Building Great Places, Together.

Before you build the building, you build the team – with the same kind of attention to detail. We leverage long-standing relationships with industry-leading partners who hold the same kind of values and standards we do.

In The News

Oakridge Mall Redevelopment

Project Roles: Development Management
Key Partners:

Ivanhoe Cambridge

OMERS (until 2008)


The Oakridge Redevelopment Project is a $2.8B, 4.57 million sf., multi-phased, transit-oriented development. The project will transform one of Canada’s most successful regional shopping centres into the largest mixed-use development in Vancouver’s history.

The development required championing an overall vision for the project and working with the City of Vancouver and surrounding neighbourhood through an extensive consultation process. The result was the award-winning Oakridge Policy Statement (2007) that provided the policy framework for this major redevelopment and established Oakridge as Vancouver’s second regional centre.

Oakridge was the city's largest and most complex rezoning initiative to date and secured 3.7M sf. of new/additional density. Negotiating the residential development agreement brought Westbank into the project at First as a consultant then Finally as partial owner.

Project Statistics:

Overall Density: Increased in the FSR from 0.68 to 3.71 over 28 acres

Residential: 2.76M sf. (2,914 units) of strata, rental and affordable housing uses. These will be located in 13 buildings that have a variety of heights of up to 44 stories.

Retail: An Addition of 750,000 sf. of exterior and interior retail to the existing 850,000 sf. retail mall.

Office: The addition of over 300,000 sf. of office space in three mid rise buildings. This complements the existing 150,000 sf. of office space.

Sustainability & Impact:

LEED Platinum

Comprehensive District Energy System for Oakridge

Transforming Oakridge into a Regional Centre (Metro Vancouver Plan)

Creating a mixed-use transit-oriented template, in the early 2000’s, that has informed regional and international retail redevelopment projects.

Project Background

In 2000, Ivanhoe Cambridge and OMERS, owners of one of Canada’s highest performing shopping centres, found themselves with a pressing need to expand the centre to accommodate a growing cast of retails. However, the 1995 rezoning approval for 125,000 sq.ft. of new second floor expansion that was in place was unworkable as it was overburdened by City extractions.

The Ivanhoe Cambridge team began to explore expansion options, but realized shortly that a new form of pioneering development might present a much bigger opportunity. This was the start of the First large scale de-malling of a successful enclosed shopping centre.

In 2004, Ivanhoe Cambridge began discussions with the city of Vancouver to amend their Official Community Plan. The amended plan called for an expansion of the shopping centre and the introduction of significant residential density.

Working with the City of Vancouver on the concept development presented a challenge in and of itself. Planners in the city were inexperienced in retail development and needed to be walked through the principles of a successful regional retail project. Ensuring that the plan was functional was critical to ensuring that the end project would be well received by the retail community.

Similarly, the decidedly anti development community needed to see the benefit of redeveloping Oakridge from a “sea of parking” into a “truly useful hear of the community”. Gordon led years of extensive public consultation, lobbying and media management during the Policy Statement and Rezoning processes, which at times had over 1,500 attendees at an event.

Due to the civic engagement, the 2007 Oakridge Policy Statement was unanimously approved by Council with no opposition. The Policy Statement set the context for the placement of the retail, office uses and residential towers (strata and rental) as well as the amenity programming and locations.

The 2012 rezoning capitalized on the change in council and the high level of public utilization of Canada Line. The result was that the residential density was increased, and the retail was rationalized to reflect the evolving retail landscape.

The project is currently under construction. While the ownership has changed, the original vision, the allocation and placement of uses, design are being executed well. Being part of this major redevelopment of one of Canada’s original malls into a sustainable, transit oriented mixed-use project was a major highlight for the Northstar Principles.

Tsawwassen Mills

Project Roles: Development Management
Key Partners:

Tsawwassen First Nation

Ivanhoe Cambridge

Property Development Group


Forgestone Capital


Tsawwassen Mills is a monumental retail project situated in the heart of Tsawwassen First Nation, British Columbia.

This transformative endeavor was envisioned as a true partnership between one of Canada’s leading pension funds and the Tsawwassen First Nation.

The project would eventually result in the creation of a world class shopping centre, a best in market power centre and the infrastructure required for the full build-out of the Tsawwassen First Nation community plan.

This project became a model of how B.C.’s treaty process can work, and how successful outcomes can be achieved for all parties involved.

Project Statistics:

1.2 million SF

200 Retailers

1,100 Seat Food Court

110 Acres of Land

4.5 kms of New Roads & Services

22 Unique Art Pieces, by Local & Tsawwassen

First Nation artists

Sustainability & Impact:

LEED Core & Shell Certified

Project Background

In 2009, Tsawwassen First Nation (TFN) became the first Nation in BC to enter into a treaty providing self governance status. TFN began working on their community vision, resulting in the creation of the TFN Neighbourhood Plan in 2011.

At the same time, Ivanhoe Cambridge had been searching for a site large enough to accommodate a “Mills” centre in BC’s Lower Mainland. In the land constrained market of the Lower Mainland, this exercise had proven to be very difficult.

Suddenly, with TFN’s successful treaty status an opportunity presented itself: create a site large enough for a Mills centre and leverage Ivanhoe Cambridge’s development acumen to bring the TFN Neighbourhood Plan to life.

In 2012 Ivanhoe Cambridge and Tsawwassen First Nation begin working on a plan that would appoint Ivanhoe Cambridge to act as master developer for the Tsawwassen Mills shopping centre and the associated road network and land servicing for the remaining commercial, residential and industrial lands.

Ivanhoe Cambridge led the process of creating master servicing agreements for the required infrastructure and cost sharing agreements with other commercial developers. Ivanhoe Cambridge led the negotiations with government agencies such as BC Hydro, the Ministry of Transportation and the Ministry of Environment to ensure that the community received the required infrastructure investments.

Ultimately, Ivanhoe Cambridge managed the construction of the roads and servicing of the commercial lands in addition to the construction of Tsawwassen Mills.

In 2016, Ivanhoe Cambridge opened Tsawwassen Mills to the public. In the first week nearly 300,000 people were welcomed to the newly created commercial project and surrounding infrastructure.

Vancouver Centre II

Project Roles: Development Management assistance to GWL Realty Advisors
Key Partners:

Developer: GWL Realty Advisors Inc.

Owners: Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plans, Great-West Life Real Estate Fund & London Life Real Estate Fund


Vancouver Centre II is a 33-storey AAA office building comprising 371,000 sq. ft of leasable area. Vancouver Centre II was constructed on the site of the former parkade of the Vancouver Centre complex, which includes the underground Vancouver Centre Mall between CF Pacific Centre, Hudson’s Bay, and the 1977-built, 35-storey Scotia Tower. The project is integrated vertically and horizontally with the 35-storey Scotia Tower and Vancouver Centre Mall.

The building includes multiple outdoor areas accessible to the tenants of both the new project and the existing Scotia Tower. Project amenities include a fitness centre and yoga studio, a dedicated dog park; and a 29th floor deck that serves as a lounge with a kitchen and boasts views of Downtown Vancouver, the Northshore Mountains, and the Pacific Ocean.

Project Statistics:

371,000 square feet

33 storeys

500 parking stalls

Unique art piece, by local artist Douglas Coupland

Sustainability & Impact:

LEED Platinum

WELL Gold Certification

Wired Certification

Realcom Digie Awards Winner: Most Intelligent Office Building

Project Background

With the opening of the Canada Line and the 2010 Olympics, car utilization at Scotia Tower declined significantly. At the same time, demand for new office space was growing, which combined would move the core of the office district to the east, away from the traditional location on Burrard St.

With the demand identified, the challenge of how to capture it needed to be solved creatively. The owner’s lands were fully built out with the Scotia Tower, the Vancouver Centre Mall and the associated parkade occupying the downtown land.

The solution was a complex infill office building, developed to be fully integrated into the existing assets, while simultaneously keeping all existing tenants fully operational. The challenge was complicated, but the reward was a project that not only captured new office demand but improved the value of the existing operational assets.

All work for the project was completed while the existing Scotia Tower and Vancouver Centre Mall remained occupied. This required staging of work, including an unusual structural design involving the installation of two special piles to allow the existing loading dock to remain operational during excavation and construction of the new basement structure below it. The piles also serve as permanent columns supporting tower superstructure loads.

Targeting an entirely new level of building performance, never before seen in the Vancouver market, Vancouver Centre II was able to achieve LEED Platinum, WELL Gold Certification and Wired Certification.

The project creates a seamless integration between the new VCII and existing Scotia Tower and Vancouver Centre Mall with a shared entrance atrium and canopy that wraps around the corner from Georgia to Seymour streets. The addition of significant new amenity spaces and parking created additional value to the complex as a whole. The project was completed without the need to terminate leases or lose rent on the existing assets during construction.

Lastly, the Vancouver Centre II was designed as a smart building. As such, these systems allow for more efficient operation by the operators, tenant and office works. Everything from mechanical systems, security, car charging, parking payment, elevator calling, amenity room booking, office notifications etc. can be managed via a computer or the Vancouver Centre App.

As a result, VCII won the “Most Intelligent Building Projects: Office Building” at the 2023 Digie Awards.